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I’ve written in a range of genres, styles and formats. Hey, it keeps the writing life more interesting! In general I like to write about the things that I am passionate about like equality, gender, nature and the general absurdity that is the human race. I also like to give a voice to the issues and people that are sidelined or silenced by the mainstream.

​Here are some highlights of my work, competition wins and news of upcoming publications.

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Competition Shortlist - Bath Short Story Award

July 2023

Kalon Kakon explores how women are ‘policed’ from an early age into submissive behaviour, drawing on Greek mythology.

Published - Trails Magazine

July 2023

The Trail To Creativity examines scinetific research around walking and creativity and suggests that planning less might lead to a more inspired walking experience.

Published - Reader's Digest

January 2023

After “happily ever after”: Reimagining Fulfilling Love uses Sad Love by Carrie Jenkins to provide some ideas on what a more balanced kind of romantic relationship might look like.

Published - Pen to Print

September 2022

Home is a Distant Country creative non fiction published in the Monday Moments series by Pen to Print

Published - Open Book

September 2022

Sunday Surprise creative non fiction published by Open Book in their Unbound series

Podcast discussing it here.

Published - Books By Women

February 2022

Uncomfortable Books Are Important published by Books By Women

Published - Live Write Thrive

October 2021

7 Ways To Create An Empathetic Antagonist published by Live Write Thrive

3rd Place – Bristol Short Story Prize

October 2021

My surreal story of early motherhood was described as “Brilliant…hit me in the gut.”

Published - Mslexia

1st June 2021

Described as ‘quite extraordinary’ by Mimi Khalvati, this short story was chosen to be part of the ‘Portrait’ theme for Issue 90 of Mslexia.

Published in Litro Magazine

7th March 2021

I found a home for my story Chicken Bones in Litro magazine. This one felt extra special seeing as I wrote the first version of it years ago.

Competition Longlist - Laxfield Literary Agency

4th January 2021

The manuscript of my first novel was one of seventeen chosen for the longlist when they launched their new agency.

Published in Quince Magazine

January 2021

I wrote this when I was on the cusp of turning 40 and all of the questions about my life were looming.

Published in Hecate Journal

21st January 2021

Hecate magazine is for womxn and witches. My short story The Waves Are Calling was in the first ever online edition.

Published by Byte the Book

17th November 2020

An other-wordly tale of love and water.

Competition Short List - Retreat West Flash Fiction

November 2020

My flash fiction on the theme of ‘Glass’ reached the shortlist.

Competition Longlist – Primadonna Prize

August 2020

This entry was inspired by parenting in lockdown and got me on the longlist.

Competition Semi-final - MacQueens Ekphrastic Competition

3rd May 2020

This was a first for me – a prose poem inspired by a piece of art.

Competition Winner - Spread The Word/Boukouture

April 2020

I was one of six underrepresented writers to receive a full professional edit on the manuscript of my first novel.

Published in Dear Damsels

April 2020

Where is Home? explored finding a slice of nature in the city which felt very important during lockdown.

Competition Win - Byte the Book Showcase

19th November 2018

This dark tale was inspired by the chaos of Black Friday.

Published in 'The Cabinet Of Heed'

October 2018

An anecdote from my stepdad at the barbers led to this quirky tale.

Published in 'The Huffington Post'


My favourites are Wearing Makeup Isn’t Empowering and Why Aren’t Classrooms Gender Neutral?

Published in 'The F-Word'


You can read my reviews for Flesh of the Peach by Helen McClory, Aurabel by Laura Dockrill and Fever Dream by Samantha Schweblin.

Pubished in 'Pennyzine'

March 2017

The artist Sophie Page created this gorgeous piece to go with my story.

Published in 'Wander' Magazine

25th November 2015

A story about an invisible friend – only available in print, I’m afraid!

Published in 'Wander' Magazine

25th November 2015

Exploring a lost opportunity in this short story – also only available in print.

Highly Commended in Aurora Short Fiction Competition

April 2016

My story Woven in Place is a modern retelling of the myth of Arachne set in a child labour factory.

Published in Centum Press 100 Voices Vol. 2

January 2016

This story showed the difficult relationship between a daughter and her mother. Only available in print.

Competition Winner – Creative Ink Writing Competition


This was a great opportunity to try out flash pieces inspired by images and get feedback. You can see their courses and competitions using the link.

Shortlisted – Cro Magnon Short Story Competition

October 2015

This was a really interesting one because it was the closest to sci-fi I’ve ever been with my writing.

Winner – Segora International Short Story Competition

August 2015

Inspired by this image of a metal rose, this piece charts the difficulty of motherhood for an autistic woman.

Published – Running Out Of Ink Online Journal

September 2013

This was special in two ways. It was my first ever publication, and the magazine’s last ever edition.