From flash fiction to book-length projects, from finding your way in the world of submissions to publishing, we could all use some guidance. I’ve been at this game for over eight years and would love to help you out.

I offer comprehensive feedback on fiction and creative non fiction of all lengths. Far more than copy-editing, I’ll help you shape and mould your work into the best it can be. My coaching will help you work through any problems you’re having with writing or the writing life. Let’s work together to help you along your way.

Short stories/Individual projects: Get detailed feedback for £25/5000 words with an option for online coaching at £40/hour.

Longer projects/writing life: Set monthly goals, get help with everything from finding the time to write to submitting. Meet monthly for £40/hour with the option of ongoing writing feedback.


Sarah led me through the structure of my story in a way that helped me – right then and there – to fix it. This is a trick that only the most skilled teachers can pull off!

Nancy Stroer

Award Winning Writer

Working with Sarah as a mentor for my first novel has been an absolute joy! She’s helped me stick to my word count goals and shown me how to keep my love for the writing process, which can be challenging when you’re shoulder-deep in such a challenging project.

​I’ve especially loved getting feedback from her. She’s my biggest cheerleader and shows me how I can improve while boosting my confidence at the same time. Through working with Sarah, I’ve developed an even deeper appreciation for the written word.

Debut Novelist

Sarah’s coaching is inspiring.

Nastasya Parker

Prize Winning Short Story Writer
Now I have taken up your mentoring service I feel in a safe pair of hands that can help me along the next part of my writing journey.

Debut Novelist