‘Magician’ by Aggie Zed

“Now You Don’t See Me,” runner up in the MacQueen’s Quinterly Ekphrastic Writing Competition. Published in May 2020. 





The Consumer,’ winner of the Byte The Book Byte Shorts Showcase in November 2018. Read the story here.






Golden Prospects‘ published in the Cabinet of Heed in October 2018. View the story here.





‘Chrysalis’ published in Pennyzine magazine March 2017. View the story here.







‘Looking Away’ published in Wander Magazine in 2016. View the magazine here







 ‘Shout Out Loud’ published in Centum Press 100 Voices Volume 2 in 2016. Buy a copy here.






‘Precision.’ Winner of the International Segora Short Story Competition in 2015. View the story here.





‘Woven in Place.’  Highly Commended in the Aurora Short Fiction Competition in 2016. View the story here.






“Where is Home?” a non-fiction piece searching out a slice of the countryside in London. Published by Dear Damsels in April 2020.

Older women walking together outdoors

‘The Amazing Disappearing Women,’ a Huffington Post blog about the disappearance of women over 40 from the world. 03/07/17






Laughing About Equality,’ A Huffington Post article about The Guilty Feminist, the Women’s Equality Party and the UK election. 06/06/17






‘Being Nasty,’ a Huffington Post blog   about the Women’s March 22/01/17.





‘Diets? Don’t Bother!’ a Huffington Post blog about healthy expectations in January. 09/01/17.







 ‘Feeling Foreign,’ a Huffington Post blog on reactions to non-English speaker in the UK. 09/12/16





 ‘Why Can’t Male Police Officers be ‘Emotional’ Too?’ a Huffington Post blog about the deaths of black citizens in the US. 26/09/16.





‘Sexist Reporting of the Olympics is no Surprise’ A Huffington Post blog on the Olympics. 25/08/16





 ‘Why it Doesn’t Matter What’s In Your Pants,’ a Huffington Post blog on recommendations to the UK government on transgender issues 12/07/16.






‘Who to Blame for Brexit,’ A Huffington Post blog  in the aftermath of the vote. 28/06/16.





Wearing Makeup Isn’t Empowering,’ a Huffington Post blog on makeup and female empowerment. 24/05/16.





‘Genderspecs – The Gendered Gaze,’ a Huffington Post blog on how gender bias affects the way we see the world. 31/03/16.





‘WOW Festival – Inspiring Goals,’ a Huffington Post blog on the 2016 Women of the World Festival. 14/03.16





‘Why You Don’t Deserve Anything,’ A Huffington  Post blog on privilege. 08/03/16.





‘Why Diets are a Waste of Time,’ a Huffington Post blog on fad diets. 22/01/16.







‘The Only Resolution You Need,’ a Huffington Post blog on how to be happy with your New Year’s resolutions. 11/01/16.





 ‘Tis The Season to be…Sober?’ a Huffington Post blog on drinking over the festive season. 21/12/15.






‘Have Yourself a Gender Unbiased Christmas,’ a Huffington Post blog on gendered marketing at Christmas. 11/12/15.





The Five (Honest) Stages of Running,’ a Huffington Post blog on how it really feels to run. 19/11/15





‘Visiting the Middle East as a Western Woman,’ a Huffington Post blog on my experiences visiting Jordan. 10/11/15





The Social Barometer of the BBC,’ a Huffington Post blog on Bake Off and the BBC. 16/10/15.





‘The Real Reasons We’re Not Getting Married,’ a Huffington Post blog on the drawbacks of marriage. 13/10/15.





A review of Aurabel by Laura Dockrill on The F-Word. 01/06/17.





A review of Fever Dream by Samantha Schweblin on The F-Word. 03/03/17






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‘Taj Express,’ a review of a Bollywood-inspired musical at The Peacock Theatre.






‘This Was a Man,’ a review of the Noel Coward play at the Leicester Square theatre.







‘Adam, Eve and Steve,’ a review of a comedy play about creation at The King’s Head Theatre.





‘Focus Group,’ a review of an interactive play about the evils of modern society at The Ovalhouse Theatre.







‘The Wild Party,’ a review of a roaring 20s party at The Hope Theatre.





‘The Trackers of Oxyrhynchus,’ a review of an ancient Greek play at The Finborough Theatre.







‘O Come All Ye Divas,’ a review of a festive spectacle of songs at The Charing Cross theatre.







‘Her Aching Heart,’ a review of a bodice-ripping lesbian musical at The Hope Theatre.







‘Bianco,’ a review of a circus show at The Southbank Centre.







‘The House of Usher,’ a review of a a gothic thriller at The Hope Theatre.





‘Wonderful Town,’ a review of a 1930s musical at Ye Olde Rose and Crown Pub Theatre.





‘Can You Hear Me Running?’ A review of a play about an emotional journey at The Pleasance Theatre.







‘The We Plays,’ a review of a powerful play at The Hope Theatre.







‘Two Short Plays About Gays,’ a review of a thoughtful and funny play at The Hope Theatre.





‘Punk Play,’ a review of a coming-of-age play at The Southwark Playhouse.





Photo credit: Marc Brenner

‘Unfaithful,’ a review of a play about relationships at Found 111.






‘The Burnt Park Boys,’ a review of a musical at The Park Theatre.




‘Steel Magnolias,’ a review of the classic play at The Hope Theatre.