Short Fiction





‘Chrysalis’ published in Pennyzine magazine

March 2017. View the story here.

 ‘Looking Away’ published in Wander Magazine              ‘Shout Out Loud’ published in Centum Press 100

in 2016. View the magazine here.                                       Voices Volume 2 in 2016. Buy a copy here.

‘Precision.’ Winner of the International Segora            ‘Woven in Place.’  Highly Commended in the

Short Story Competition in 2015. View the                  Aurora Short FictionCompetition  2016.

story here.                                                                         View the story here.


‘Being Nasty,’ a Huffington Post blog                        ‘Diets? Don’t Bother!’ a Huffington Post blog about NY

about the Women’s March 22/01/17.                        resolutions 09/01/17.