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I’ve written in a range of genres, styles and formats. Hey, it keeps the writing life more interesting! In general I like to write about the things that I am passionate about like equality, gender, nature and the general absurdity that is the human race. I also like to give a voice to the issues and people that are sidelined or silenced by the mainstream. Here are some highlights of my work and news of upcoming publications. Enjoy!


Fiction Highlights

In March 2021 I found a home for my story Chicken Bones in Litro magazine. This one felt extra special seeing as I wrote the first version of it years ago, and have always wanted to find a home for it. A bit on the dark side – hence the image they used (Photo credit: “Hand Touching Glass” by, but one that’s close to my heart.

Back in February 2020 I was lying in bed with a cold when I submitted the entire manuscript of my first novel into this competition. I was one of six underrepresented writers to receive a full professional edit from the lovely people at Bookouture.

You can read my short story ‘We Are Incomplete’ in Issue Three of Quince magazine. My sister is a midwife and I’ve always wanted to write a story from the point of view of someone who does her hectic and vital job. It also explores the difficulties around choosing to have children or not. I wrote this when I was on the cusp of turning 40 and all of the questions about my feminine life seemed to be looming. I hope you enjoy it, you can read it here.

The lovely people at The Cabinet of Heed publish an awesome range of interesting fiction. My short story Golden Prospects was published by them in October 2018.

Lovely bit of artist collaboration here. When Pennyzine published my short story Chrysalis in March 2017 the artist Sophie Page created this gorgeous piece to go with my story.

This was my first big win. The Segora International Writing Competitions runs a range of competitions every year, and I won the short story section back in 2015. You can read the story here if you’re interested, it was a real boost to my confidence when I was just starting out as a writer.

Non-Fiction Highlights

This piece of creative non-fiction was chosen for publication by Dear Damsels in April 2020. Where is Home? explored finding a slice of nature in the city which felt very important during lockdown.

I’ve written various articles for The Huffington Post over the years. My favourites areWearing Makeup Isn’t Empowering and Why Aren’t Classrooms Gender Neutral? You can see my whole back catalogue here.

The F-Word is a great place for all things cultural and feminist in the UK. You can read my reviews for Flesh of the Peach by Helen McClory, Aurabel by Laura Dockrill and Fever Dream by Samantha Schweblin.

I had so much fun writing theatre reviews for Carns Theatre Passion. I loved the gorgeous harmonies in The Burnt Park Boys at The Park Theatre, and the moving story in Can You Hear Me Running? by Louise Breckon-Richards. The Hope Theatre never disappointed, not least with Her Aching Heart and The We Plays. Focus Group at The Ovalhouse Theatre is worth a mention for how dark and immersive it was.

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