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Oct 14, 2020 | Blog

I’m launching a new series of writing workshops: Wednesday Scribbles.

Every week at 7:30pm we’ll start with some ideas on how to make space and time for writing. Using prompts, we’ll look at different ways of generating ideas and experimenting with style and voice. With the help of other great writers, we’ll use different themes or techniques each week to expand on our ideas and produce some writing.

I believe writing is for everyone. You don’t need to have fancy qualifications or a ton of classic books on your shelves. You’ve got a unique voice and style that no-one else on the planet has so why not let it out? Writing helps to ease stress, deal with anxiety, encourage creative thinking and can generally be a window of joy in your day. Come along and see what you can discover.

You’ll get the space and time to write, some ideas on how to get started when you’re stuck, and the opportunity to try out new ideas. Your first workshop is free! Sign up and pay for subsequent sessions here.

See you there!

Sarah x

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