Celebrating Amazing People #4

This post is inspired by the German astronomer Caroline Herschel. A breathing gap in half term so this one is a little more timely than the others! Something about her story created a pompous voice in my head that narrated her experience, which felt more suitable than...

Celebrating Amazing People #2

Much more lighthearted and unusual this week. I was reading the introduction to Cathy Newman’s book Bloody Brilliant Women and I came across an nun from the 10th century who wore golden gowns and argued with the male clergy. I loved the idea of a celebrity...

Celebrating Amazing People #1

Like most people at the moment, I don’t know what to do. Scrolling through endless feeds and WhatsApp messages bring a strange feeling into my gut – helplessness. So many people working hard to help others, while I spend the day checking in online for my students or...

100 Voices Vol. 2

You can read my short story ‘Shout Out Loud’ in this anthology published by Centum: http://bit.ly/100VoicesV2 Exclusive discount code for blog readers: 100V2V84#writing #description #prose #literature #shortstory

Short Story – Chrysalis

You can see my latest short story in Pennyzine magazine here. Beautiful illustration by Sophie Page.#writing #women #description #prose #literature #creativity #shortstory