Sunny Thoughts

Oct 8, 2011 | Blog

A few observations and descriptions of the world around me on an idle sunny day. Thought this would be a good one to reminisce on the summer with!

Eyes dazzled, making figures in the shade murky and indistinct. A brief flurry of goosebumps rise as the cool air washes away the insistent heat. The thrum of engines is a distant bass, punctuated by occasional tenors of sirens and soprano birdsong.

Fake laqcuer adds a desirous sheen to rough, organic toenails.

Gigantic planes leaving fingerlike trails, soft and insubstantial.

The simplicity of a sunny day renders the human form lifeless. Stupefied by its glaring gaze, limbs lose their agility and the brain is dulled. Secret beach pleasures last far into the evening in the grazing friction of sand between toes. Skin is taut and glowing and salt-drenched hair crackles against peeling shoulders.

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