With over a decade of experience writing resources, all courses are practical, engaging and lead to a deeper personal investment in your creative writing. My courses are designed to be accessible to writers at all stages of their career. 

Short Story Course

My stories have been widely published and won awards. I want to help you turn your passions into stories and create memorable, impactful short stories that people want to read.

The course takes you through the process of generating ideas, developing your story and then editing and drafting it into a beautiful shape. The inspiration for your stories? The things you care about the most. I’ll show you how you can take the issues, causes and ideas that fire you up like nothing else and turn them into powerful stories. 

The four-week course will take place on 

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Get Scribbling

Video summary of course (1min):

This course is divided into three parts that helps you through all the stages of writing. 

What do you want to say?

Practical techniques for claiming time for writing, developing your personal voice, ensuring you never run out of ideas or inspiration. 

How do you want to say it?

Experiment with different forms, styles and drafting techniques to allow you to develop your ideas into full pieces. 

How can you say it better? 

Guidance on editing and rewriting to turn your drafts into fully realised stories. 

If you want feedback on a piece of work up to 2,000 words, choose the option below. 

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