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Plaf, Vlan, Patatras: Delicious French Sounds

I love words. Well, of course I do, I’m a writer. But there’s something about onomatopoeic words that is just delicious. They feel good when you say them. The fizz and sizzle of them on your tongue, the satisfying plop as they fall out of your mouth.I had the...

Unknown: A Gorgeous Tribute to Forgotten Women

There are times when a publication just resonates perfectly with me. With Unknown, a collection of poetry that celebrates forgotten or misunderstood women, I knew I had found something special. Anna Rose James and Elizabeth Chadwick Pywell explore an enormous amount...

Tiny, Beautiful Stories: 100neHundred by Laura Besley

The craft of the micro fiction writer is a wonderful thing. As if Laura Besley hadn't impressed me enough with her collection The Almost Mothers, she returned with an even more dazzling feat in 100neHundred: 100 stories written in just 100 words.Split into four...

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Sunny Thoughts

A few observations and descriptions of the world around me on an idle sunny day. Thought this would be a good one to...

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