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Focusing on Progress, Not Perfection

As the end of January is long faded, and February has dirged its way out of our lives, I wanted to pause for a moment. One of the things I promised myself this year was that I would focus on progress, not perfection. That I would make sure my writing, workshops,...

The Exhibition by Cara Viola

There's something very special about a book that can bring a place to life. In The Exhibition, an historical novel by Cara Viola, she manages it not just with an ornate building in Glasgow but also a marsh in Great Yarmouth. The book follows Madeleine, an insecure...

Epic Russian Tales: The Porcelain Doll by Kristen Loesch

If you're looking for an immersive, entrancing story that leaves you thinking fondly about the characters weeks later, you've found it. I read The Porcelain Doll by Kristen Loesch in a couple of days. Whenever I had a a spare moment I'd pull it out and flick through...

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Sunny Thoughts

A few observations and descriptions of the world around me on an idle sunny day. Thought this would be a good one to...

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