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The Stairs Are A Snowcapped Mountain by Judy Darley

I'm absolutely thrilled to be welcoming Judy Darley back to the blog. Last year I featured her collection Sky, Light, Rain , a themed collection that contained beautiful stories and gorgeous writing. This time, we're talking about The Stairs Are A Snowcapped Mountain,...

“Fragments” of Our Future: Poetry Collection by JP Seabright

This month I'm thinking about playing – the summer can be a time to really open yourself up in terms of what you read and write. In that vein, I came across JP Seabright's experimental poetry collection, Fragments from Before the Fall: An Anthology of...

Hidden Tales of Warwickshire: People, Places and Mysteries

We're always told that place has a special role to play in stories. At times, a place can take on a life of its own and feel like an extra character is lurking in the background. In her collection of stories, Illustrated Tales of Warwickshire , S.C Skillman puts...

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Poem – No Ending

Wrote this a few weeks ago – think it nicely covers what’s been wearing me down so much! I think other teachers might...

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Character Study

The bulk of my writing tends to be little snapshots of characters, situations and people I see. Here is a study on two...

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Being a grown up

Although in many ways the average adult rarely feels the assured feeling that is supposed to come with a certain...

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