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Latest Articles

Unknown: A Gorgeous Tribute to Forgotten Women

There are times when a publication just resonates perfectly with me. With Unknown, a collection of poetry that celebrates forgotten or misunderstood women, I knew I had found something special. Anna Rose James and Elizabeth Chadwick Pywell explore an enormous amount...

Tiny, Beautiful Stories: 100neHundred by Laura Besley

The craft of the micro fiction writer is a wonderful thing. As if Laura Besley hadn't impressed me enough with her collection The Almost Mothers, she returned with an even more dazzling feat in 100neHundred: 100 stories written in just 100 words.Split into four...

Cows and Curious Futures: Salt Lick by Lulu Allison

It's rare to feel personally connected to a critically-acclaimed novel. Over a year ago I 'met' the lovely Lulu Allison via Twitter (I contributed to her 'Haturday' project with a Fimo hand – you can still support her in raising money for RISEuk, a refugee...

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Dear Terry,

I’ve been meaning to write this for a long time. It was on one of those lists that you make, along with changing the...

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Just, WOW.The Women of the World festival at the Southbank Centre in London is in its 5th year, and going strong. It...

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Myself and I

I’m reading Margaret Atwood On Writers and Writing. It’s lovely to read an author musing on being the very thing that...

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Listening In

There’s nothing better than a great bit of dialogue. Done well, it can impart subtleties of character, convey plot,...

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Being A Man

We all like being in a club. It gives us a sense of belonging, camaraderie, having someone on your side. It also...

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A Tricky Business

I have about two minutes to avert disaster. From her little piping voice to a spreading stain and another bout of hand...

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