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Sarah spent most of her childhood in Cornwall but isn’t very good at surfing. After graduating from Southampton University with a degree in  English and Music, she immediately left the country and spent the next few years wandering around Asia and Europe teaching English. On her return, she trained to be a secondary English teacher. After spending six years helping hundreds of students analyse and create their own stories through words and film, she decided it was her turn. She’s just finished an  MA in Creative Writing at City University in London, along with her first novel. Her short stories have won prizes and been published online, and she likes to share her views on literature, creativity, feminism and the power of words on her blog. Not a big fan of spare time, she also runs marathons and plays samba reggae on a very big drum.

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    • Thank you so much! Sorry I haven’t replied to this before, been stuck in editing mode and just haven’t had time to check this out. It’s fantastic, I’m so glad you nominated my blog. You’ve got a great blog, really varied and creative. So lucky we can share our writing and ideas with others. All the best.

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