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I’m Sarah and this is my website. Thanks for stopping by. On here you’ll find my blog, where I share my thoughts on books I’ve read, the writing I’m doing and any other (usually gender-related) topics that have got me musing. You’ll also find my ‘Fragments’ – if you fancy a short read of some flash fiction, that’s the place for you. There’s a link to different publications including short fiction, articles and reviews, if you want to check out my other work.

So now you’re here, what would you like to know? I spent most of my growing up time down in Cornwall, although I’m not very good at surfing. My desire for travel and excitement took me to China, South East Asia and Spain, where I taught English as a Foreign Language. You can still find me in a classroom in North London, enthusing about books and media to some lovely teenagers who, I’m sure, are sometimes listening.

My teaching also includes writing workshops. I taught an ‘Empathising With Monsters’ workshop at Kingston University, where we explored the way writers create voices that readers don’t approve of, but find themselves supporting. We looked at style, voice and structure to help us unpick the writer’s craft. If you run a writing course, I’d be happy to give this workshop. I am also working on ‘Structuring a Novel,’ which will look at the different methods authors use to structure whole books and how you can apply this to your writing. Go to the ‘Contact’ page if you’re interested.

I’ve always been prone to devouring books and scribbling thoughts on little bits of paper, so a few years ago I decided to assemble all of those ideas into one and see what came out of it. I did an MA in Creative Writing at City University where my first novel came to be. It’s a story of sexual assault and gender assumptions, and takes you through the tense tale of two characters who are not what they, or you, expect. Having loved and hated this jumble of words, I’m currently going back for another edit (number 8, I think?) to really give it a lease of life before I send it out into the world. I have the first draft of a second novel, that follows a transgender character through a journey of self-discovery. That’s next on the editing list!

My short story ‘Precision’ won the International Short Story competition in 2015, and you can read it here. My other piece Woven In Place, was Highly Acclaimed in the Aurora Short Fiction Competition in 2016m which you can read here. You can also read my story ‘Chrysalis’ here, which was published by Pennyzine in March 2017.

What else? I adore cheese, music, wine and literature, not necessarily in that order. Not a massive fan of spare time, I also run, play samba reggae on a very big drum and learn French. I’m a feminist, a lover of humour and a cake enthusiast. I believe in the power of words.

What brought you here? It would be great to hear from any visitors below.

8 Replies to “About”

    1. Thank you so much! Sorry I haven’t replied to this before, been stuck in editing mode and just haven’t had time to check this out. It’s fantastic, I’m so glad you nominated my blog. You’ve got a great blog, really varied and creative. So lucky we can share our writing and ideas with others. All the best.


    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been trapped in editing hell, and now the link doesn’t work… would love to still do this! Please send me a link if possible.


  1. Hi Sarah. Stumbled upon your blog in the Reader section. I love the word you write. Usually it’s hard for me to get through long paragraphs if the writing is boring, but yours are relaxing.


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