“Doing interesting stuff” inspires this tireless writer

Great article, thanks Timothy!. Enter yourself to get people talking about your writing!

What Inspires Your Writing?

When Sarah Tinsley finds something she likes, she sticks with it. Whether that’s teaching English all day without a single trip to the loo, marching for four hours straight while pounding out a samba reggae beat on a huge drum, or running a marathon, it’s clear that whatever Sarah is in, she’s in it for the long haul. Not a big fan of spare time, sitting around, or, apparently, being comfortable, Sarah somehow finds the time to do all of this and also study for her master’s in creative writing; pen her blog, The Power of Words; and write poetry.

If just reading that made you tired, you won’t be surprised to hear that what fires Sarah up most is going out into the world and “doing interesting stuff”—and it sounds to me like there’s no shortage of interesting stuff in her life. Sarah’s got some words of wisdom for…

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